I do not,

believe in goals.

I do believe in having a vision.

Because goals are, in a way, an excuse.

An excuse of not having a vision or a destination.

An excuse of not seeing far enough, not looking high enough.

If I were to type my vision in one statement, it would be this: To know what it takes to move PERFECTLY.

Not just to know it in my head, but to know it in my heart and feel it in my bones.

Integrated Weightlifting is more than just about Olympic weightlifting, Strength training, Gymnastics, or Yoga.

It is about using these styles of training as a means to arrive at an ultimate state of one's body.

An ultimate state where the body is much more pliable than that of a supple leopard.

An ultimate state where the whole is way stronger than the sum of its parts.

An ultimate state of permanence, knowing and excellence.

An ultimate state of being integrated.

It is not, after all, about the journey.

It is about the destination.

The destination of,

becoming the